Warranty Policy

Hybrid Hardware Warranty Policy

Release expected in late January 2022 for a full copy of our returns policy. This will included options for extended warranty, and options to register your product with us for warranty purposes - as well as end of life services if you require.

Broadly, we offer a 6 month limited warranty on products sold on the store. This is effective from the order date. Any transit damage, DOA items, items not as specified are all covered by this policy. Some returns fees may apply for return postage and restocking, generally within Australia this will not apply. Customers outside of Australia may face return postage fees. Generally a customer can expect a return, refund or replacement on any fault in your product.

We reserve the right to reject return and refund requests where the buyer is deemed to have damaged the item through their own action - included but not limited to water damage, physical damage through attempted modification/upgrade or other component damage.

Please contact us with any questions about our warranty protection, we attempt to maintain high standards of tested products, as well as our durable  custom made packaging to ensure safe transit of our products. We boast a long record of satisfied customers, and in particular where items have been damaged in transit or DOA, comprehensive follow up to either repair, refund or replace items however we can. At Hybrid Hardware we will go to great lengths to get our customers good working hardware!